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Get more out of your community.

Storr helps brands lower customer acquisition cost by turning Super Consumers into revenue drivers.

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Maximize adoption and productivity

We make it easier to sell by automating the hard parts of selling and creating a seamless experience for everyone involved in the ecosystem.

technology that converts

Earn 39% more
per ambassador

We make it easier to sell, faster to transact, and less expensive to market.

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Increase in conversion rate
Lower customer acquisition cost
“We're not here to talk vanity metrics. We focus on what impacts your bottom line. Our technology makes We're not here to talk vanity metrics. We focus on what your bottom line."

Tools for retention and growth

We build the world’s most powerful digital sales tools so brands can focus on retaining and growing their brand communities.

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Personalized Storefronts
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Social Sharing Suite
Private Shopping List
Virtual Coach
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A more sustainable channel

Your community is an untapped asset.

Unlock community-led growth to convert more customers at a lower acquisition cost.

Higher conversion rate than digital ads
Lower customer acquisition cost than digital ads
Minute no-code integration
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