A powerful frontend solution with a lightweight integration

Compatible with all ecommerce platforms and commission structures

On another platform?
No problem.

Our platform becomes yours in minutes

Save time and money

Deliver a powerful, customizable platform without tying up your tech resources.

Easy onboarding

Customize every detail of the look and feel or use our out-of-the box templates. Send us your Brand Book and we’ll get the UI, branding, and voice ready for your review.

3-step no-code integration


Sync your products & inventory


Connect your checkout


Get your Sellers on board


Can Storr integrate with our current app?

Yes, we can deeplink between the 2 apps to create a seamless branded experience (similar to Uber & Uber Eats or FB & FB Messenger), or we can integrate with your existing app to create one experience, but this path requires more technical work.

How do you define a monthly active user?

A user who logs into the app or has customers visit their storefront over the course of a month.

Is Storr available outside the US?

Yes, Storr is available to brands globally.

What is the setup time and cost?

Set up is free! Setup time depends on your ecommerce platform and how much customization you want. We have launched brands in under and hour but it usually takes a few days.

How do returns work?

We process orders through your existing checkout, so the way you communicate and deliver products to your customers doesn’t change. Similarly, to return an item, your customers will use your existing return process.

How do discounts work?

Our system automatically supports all discounts, promos, and price changes in real time.

Does Storr support loyalty programs?


How do sellers get paid?

We can pay out sellers through Venmo or Paypal or we can send you the data to use your existing system.

Can we remove one of the features?

It depends on the feature. Our platform is modular and built for customization, but there are some limitations.

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